Port Guichon Elementary School

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Social Responsibility

“Everything about school – curriculum, teaching method, discipline, interpersonal relationships – teaches children about the human qualities that we value.”   
- Lewis & Schaps 1996

At Port Guichon, social responsibility is aimed at developing in all of our students a “community-mindedness” in their responses to classroom, school, local, national and global issues. This “community-mindedness” is built on a set of core values such as empathy, respect, fairness, caring, etc. embraced by the community.  At Port Guichon, the core values are being taught through dialogue, reflecting on experience, and looking at how our behavior affects other people. In addition, efforts are made to develop one common language among all students through family grouping activities conducted by teachers. 

This approach promotes helping and co-operative behavior. Student leadership is also an integral part in supporting these values, providing opportunities for students to observe and learn from others.  At Port Guichon, there are many opportunities for students to be a leader through creating, planning and organizing events and activities.


  • School-wide activities outlined in the “Virtues Project”
  • “Roots of Empathy” aims to raise social/emotional competence and increase empathy for Grade one students
  • “WE” project under the leadership of Grade 6/7 students
  • Peer Coaches in reading led by students from Grades 3 to 7
  • Peer Coaches in computer technology, Playground Pals, Christmas Breakfast, Sports Day events are led by Grade 7 students
  • Green School Projects led by 13 students from Grades 5 and 6. The 5 green projects are: Litter free Lunches, Recycling of paper (including paper towels), recycling of juice boxes, milk cartons and batteries, composting of fruit and vegetables, and energy conservation
  • Assemblies are led by Grade 7 students