Port Guichon Elementary School

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Technology continues to dramatically impact all our lives. Students today are entering a world where access to information is 24/7.  Therefore to prepare our students to deal with this vast reservoir of information, our staff at Port Guichon believe that the most effective use of technology is to ensure that all students have equal access and understanding of technology tools. They need to be able to use these tools to enhance and expand their understanding of the core school curriculum.

At our school, all of our students have access to the use of MacBook laptops. In addition, the 3 upper Intermediate classes have the use of Smart Board technology in their classrooms and all the primary classes have access to the use of Smart Board technology through the library.

All students at Port Guichon will experience the appropriate use and application of a variety of technologies to form the basis for communication.

These areas are as follows:

  • Information access
  • Information production and presentation
  • Communications
  • Ethical considerations – such as the appropriate use of technology, etc.
  • Keyboarding skills