Port Guichon Elementary School

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For Students

Students “have a natural mechanism that enables them to make sense of the world.” – CAYC 1966

At Port Guichon, our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and their own success. Students learn best when they are physically, intellectually and emotionally engaged. They can help themselves by being responsible, participating, and having a positive attitude.


  • attending school regularly and on time
  • being prepared for classes with necessary supplies
  • taking good care of school and other people’s property
  • completing all homework assignments
  • reading daily
  • organizing own time schedule well
  • developing hobbies and interests
  • making a good effort to “do your best”


  • taking part in classroom activities
  • contributing to discussions and small/large group activities
  • asking questions when you do not understand
  • participating in school activities and having fun
  • participating in community programs such as field trips


  • understanding values, expectations and cultures of parents, school and community
  • listening carefully to teachers, parents and adults in the community
  • developing positive attitudes; being cooperative and considerate
  • being a risk-taker in learning, i.e., willing to try a new learning experience
  • respecting, showing empathy and helping others in learning
  • maintaining good physical health, exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep