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Homework Guide

Homework is an extension of time on a concept taught in class that is reviewed. It requires student ownership, strong parent support, and clear teacher directions through criteria sheets or information posted in the classroom. The student planner/teacher's blog are essential tools to communicate this process between the school and the home. We hope the following guide helps parents and students with this task:

Students need a quiet place to complete homework. Set aside a routine time everyday to complete homework.

  • 20-30 minutes of reading at home for all students.
  • 30-45 minutes of homework a night is your guide for intermediate students. 
  • On Monday - Friday, students have opportunities to work on assignments in the Homework Club during lunch in the Library.
  • There may be a priority of which homework to complete/refer to the student planner/teacher's blog . There is daily homework for the next day (e.g. math) which needs to be completed first. There are also long term projects that require time management skills and refer to the criteria sheet or student notes in regards to an expanded project.
  • Long term planning and building time management skills is new and essential for your child as they move through the upper grades and high school. Growing pains can occur when students are learning how to manage their time. This is where parent support is crucial. You can help by monitoring how the time is used at home. At school, the teacher will outline a timeline reference for students to follow. This is communicated in the planner, or on the criteria sheet, or in the student's notes.  
  • Students are responsible to show you their homework and planner after completing daily assignments or working on a long-term project. We would like parents to sign each child's planner after looking over your son/daughter's homework. The most effective and efficient means to leave a note for the teacher is through the student planner that is checked everyday at school.
  • Leaving long-term projects to the last minute causes unnecessary stress and disrupts the homework routine. If you find that your child is burdened with an exceedingly large amount of homework on projects please question whether your child has left it to the last minute or has misunderstood the expectations.
  • When confusion occurs, your child is having difficulty with a concept, when you're unsure of what is for that night's homework, or an unpredictable event occurs at home, please communicate this in the student planner. Teachers are also available to support students and teachers will inform students about appropriate times to seek help. We would like students to take ownership of their challenges and they are encouraged to come in during a time to seek individual help.