Port Guichon Elementary School

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Student Recognition

RibbonA school ethos of encouragement is central to the promotion of responsible and respectful behavior. At Port Guichon, we strive to recognize student success in a way that builds self-esteem and school pride. We want our students to develop high standards of self-discipline and internalize the values embraced by our community.  At the same time we want to acknowledge our students’ contribution in building a good school. Throughout the school year we value and recognize our students’ service, social responsibility, achievement and accomplishments through:

Praise and Positive feedback given by adults in the school community through such things as the monthly school newsletter, the school webpage, recognition in the classroom, school announcements and at the monthly assemblies. In addition, individual classroom teachers may use a management system that recognizes and rewards positive behaviors.

Our Port Guichon Pride Wall, located at the front entrance of our school, captures students’ success through their “proud piece of work” accompanied by their photographs.

Celebrating every student’s birthday by announcing the names at our monthly assemblies.

Year-End Service Certificates are awarded to those students who have committed year long to certain school responsibilities (i.e. Office monitors, Playground Pals, Equipment monitors, Classroom monitors, etc.) Certificates will be given out at our  June Year-End Assemblies.

Grade 7 Awards (Academics, Citizenship, etc.) are given to those students who have displayed exemplary work ethic in a particular area.

The Port Guichon PAC recognizes parents who are highly involved over the years as their child(ren) attended our school and recognize these parents on the Volunteer Wall of Fame when their last child leaves Port Guichon Elementary