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Check out PG’s New Library Website –  Mrs A Grannary, Teacher-Librarian, created this website to provide access to materials and resources to support our learning community. Check out the pages above for more information.

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Students are responsible for those textbooks which they have been assigned and the library books they check out of the Port Guichon Library. Lost and/or damaged textbooks or library books are to be replaced or paid for by the students. This is to encourage children to be responsible for their own articles, as well as those which belong to the public and is part of the Personal Planning curriculum.

Library – Hours and Expectations

The Port Guichon Library is open and staffed by our teacher-librarian for three days each week. All Port Guichon students will have regularly scheduled class times in our library as well as some “open” library time. Students will be expected to take books home for personal reading enjoyment, as well as research for class assignments and projects. We expect our students to behave in a quiet and studious manner. All library materials are to be treated with respect and returned to the library in a timely manner.

Port Guichon library books are signed out for a two week loan period, although most primary classes return books within one week. Kindergarten classes start with one book and move to more as the year progresses.

In addition to regular class hours, the library is open after school until 3:30 pm on the days when our teacher-librarian is in the school. The teacher-librarian welcomes students to return books, do homework and to receive individual assistance with book selection, assignments, or general reading. Parents are welcome to accompany their child to the library during these after-school hours.

Parent volunteers are always welcomed in the library to shelve books, assist with special events and book exchanges. Please contact the teacher-librarian to arrange a convenient time for you to volunteer.