The front office calls the student’s home for every unconfirmed absence. This is to ensure the safety of our students on the way to school.

If your child is going to be late or absent, the school must be notified. For your convenience, our answering machine is on 24 hours a day to record your message outside of the regular office hours. Please telephone the office with the following information before 8:45 am:

  • Name of the child
  • Child’s grade, division number, or teacher’s name
  • Date of absence or in the case of lateness, when he/she is expected to arrive
  • Reason for absence


Please do not send a sick child to school. Normally, children who are too ill to go outside at recess are too ill to be at school. Sick children who come to school are a source of infection for others and they do not function well in the classroom.

For the protection of your child, as well as other children, keep your child home if he/she:

  • Has a fever
  • Is too sick to take part in all normal school activities
  • Has a suspected or known communicable disease (i.e. strep throat, pink eye, chicken pox, or any other undiagnosed rash). Keep them home until they are no longer infectious.
  • Please let the school know your child’s symptoms.


Please be sure to update your contact and emergency release information on “Parent Connect”.

Detailed instructions on using Parent Connect are available to by selecting the “help”: button on the Parent Connect Sign-In Screen.

If you have changed address, the front office needs to be notified.